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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Five-year-old raised ‘gender neutral’

I saw this article online today and I think it’s interesting in a good way.

It’s like I’ve never had long hair, my current hair length is my longest, that’s because of laziness to cut.
It’s like people stereotype and goes “you’re a girl and you should have long hair because only boys have short hair” and I’m like I have whatever hair length for that’s my hair and not yours =.=
I mean, long hair?!
Who’s gonna wash them? And it’s gonna be so hard to dry.
I don’t use hairdryer, I let my hair dry naturally.
Plus, majority of the long-haired girls wash their hair like shortest period at once in two days, you know the kinda smell?

Till now, I’ve yet to touch a single Barbie doll in my life.
I was brought up playing with Lego, power rangers, ninja turtles etc…

To me, I’m who I am and not what people want me to be.

Right now, I wonder how do the children who have parents who are money-faced raised up to be like.