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US KONY 2012 = SG NKF 2002

Ever since that guy who started Kony went onto the news again for something that I feel is truly inappropriate, to me…

US KONY 2012 = SG NKF 2002

Following are the top three comparisons I made.

First, the success of it.
Look at the millions over views and dollars gained by Kony 2012 and the millions raised by NKF. But how much of it is really to the root of the problem?

Second, the backing of powerful people.
How the government of US support KONY 2012 and how the government of Singapore are for NKF. Didn’t Tan Choo Leng, wife of Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, remarked that T.T Durai's pay of "S$600,000 a year is peanuts”? That’s of course peanuts to millionaires but hey! It’s 50K a year isn’t that?

Third, the selfish reason behind.
NKF was for the management, T.T Durai to be exact, to fly first class. (I’ve yet to even fly) and the stuffs high bonuses etc. While KONY 2012 is for their movie, movement, mission which goes down to the donation that’s money. As for the recent, masturbation.

Personally, why does he wanna masturbate outside when he has a wife to release his stress?


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