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What's done is done, we can't change that, but we can change the way we cope with it.

The above is said by Katie Piper:
She’s a rape victim and an acid attack victim.

It’s funny how guys thinks that by “having” the woman’s body is the same as having the woman.
Shouldn’t the guy through his actions prove his worth and make the female accept him by herself instead of doing these to destroy her life?
Is this love?

Pouring acid to disfigure a woman, is despicable.
Be it male or female, both are despicable.
Less to say she’s a model going towards fame.

If she did not encounter such acts in her life, she’ll probably be one of the many models, going towards fame but struggling, probably.

But because she encountered these, she’s now outstanding.
She’s now someone, many will listen to and few will rebut.
She’s now someone who can use her real life experiences as examples to counter those people with lots of what if.

She has found her true love if critics disagree.

If she’s a model, it’s hard for her to know if the guy really loves her or her looks and fame.
But because of these, she can know if the guy is really concerned about her.

She probably will not know who really cares, but since she’s now in need, she can know who’s there.
(it rhymes! random)

When she wants to die, there’s someone there for her to live on.
When she feels upset, there’s a shoulder for her to cry on.
When she wants companionship, there’s someone there to listen to her.

Someone who will not call her ugly, someone who will not call her annoying or irritating but someone who will really love her and not mind her past.

If people insist on putting on makeup, probably unless you’re like her, otherwise, I still believe in natural beauty.

She’s different.


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