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+65 9727 8690 called and texted me

You know what?
Today, I’m woken up by some foreign number =.=

Also, I missed the call by Panasonic.

Okay, I spent my whole life studying and doing school stuffs.

From now onwards, I’m occupied with making a house become a home.

I’m also planning that after I pass legal age, I should travel around the world at least once a year.

So I was digging up my stuffs and I saw my Panasonic camera that was used the day it was bought, only once. Then when I opened it, it’s spoilt =.= so I went to repair, I think it’s done. I didn’t call them back. Maybe I’ll call them next week since it’s a long weekend with people celebrating Singapore’s national day =)

I think I’m off topic, so back to the topic, it’s that I’m gonna need the camera to take photo should I travel around the world.

You know, I’ve NEVER taken a plane in my life thus far!

And there’s also this don’t know who person who texted me like why did you text me?! LOL!

If you’re looking for me, shouldn’t you be texting me telling me that you’re looking for me for any particular reason or anything?


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4% Interest rate $3476.8448
Rounding it up with benefits making it $4000 a month (4 weeks)
4 weeks -> $4000
1 week (5 days) -> $1000
1 day (8 hours) -> $200
1 hour -> $25
So Singaporeans earn an average of $25/hour…


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