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I won’t be updating on my facebook profile anymore.

It’s been a long time since I last “hahax” but someone texted me today and I did :D

You know, I feel like my life is like a race, not that I wanna race but I was forced to race.
When I was in primary school, I had that happy-go-lucky attitude.
But parents enjoys telling my parents how good their children are and make me feel so pressurised that I’ve got to be better than them.

It wasn’t fair as they’ve a head start compared to me.
It’s like they were born to have a ride from their parents and just as I was about to learn crawling, before I could even walk, I had to run in order to catch up with them.
Now, I’m kinda like flying already while I watch them continue having a ride.

Because of this, I didn’t really talk to anyone for the past about one year, talk as in a talk where people can understand what I’m going through.
I’ve practically achieved a house and car. Perhaps, those cash, card, club or whatever.
So what if you’ve achieved them?
People my age just started their university’s life while I’m already at retiring mode.
Whenever they ask me about their life, I’m like, what can you achieve, and the time taken?

Then people would think that I had all these easy.
Then again, people who know what I went through, no one said that it was easy.
It’s like saying that steve job leads a good life but people didn’t think that he was being kicked out of the company he founded.
It’s like saying that mark zuckerberg leads an easy life but people didn’t think that he singlehandedly went against his school and was being betrayed.
It’s like if my life is so easy, why not we exchange?

Now I got what I used to always say: a simple life.
So just be contented.

About my school incident, I can’t release any information but you may read:

About how they sent me sms threats, then my classmates pm me, they back out on negotiation, and caused me to fall ill. Not sure if they are corrupted with government bodies or whatever since NKF can also be corrupted. The photos of how they look like and have fun while ignoring me. This caused me to have no choice but to call CPE. My classmates tried to ask me to go back, yet the school level of efficiency is indescribable, they claim to want to mediate, only after a long time then they confirm. Out of the blue, they decided to bring out their children and say that their children are spoilt brat and so am I when I’m not. Even though my friends contacted me, they were unable to help so I had to call out to people who can help me.

Outcome and what happened after that are not meant to be told =X

Who cares since I’m now having the reputation of a top student from UK’s University and the professor from many universities in Singapore and around the world?

Anyway, check out my facebook page instead of my facebook profile: =D

If people prefer me to update on my profile rather than my page then I’ll go back to update on my profile.
See how.


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