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Saturday, 8 September 2012


Went to watch ParaNorman.
The show is hmmm… if you know me and if you watch it, it’s what words can say but you wouldn’t say?

Well, the show is about a girl who was all-innocent but just more special than the others. Because of that, she was condemned. People thought that she was going to harm them when she was just being herself.

In the end, she said she want them to regret what they have done to her. She did it, successfully.

However, she was no longer a little girl, no longer that little girl.

The movie go for a turn bring across the message that people may have done you wrong, you gotta just forgive them so that you can be good?
Not really sure what the movie is tryna say.
Maybe you should continue being gullible and naïve even though you’ve been treated unfairly?
Doesn’t really make sense to me. Illogical.

Anyway, tried their new product, so so…