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Choosing LED lights

The process was straining on the eyes. I’ve uploaded some photos here:

You gotta look at how it is, how it suddenly becomes on, then the different sorts of glares. Then when it’s off, the side effects. It’s like a before, during and after thingy.

We weren’t the only people there, there were other as well.

Of course, how can a shop just be opened for us? Lol…

We were the only one who brought ALL LED lights.
Others brought a mixtures, some didn’t at all.
They brought lights that look like LED lights instead.
The others brought LED lights to put at places such as living room but the normal lights for their own bedroom, including master bedroom.

It just makes me wonder…

Shouldn’t you put things that are good in the master bedroom while those that are bad in the living room?

Okay… I’ve all the while been wondering about it.

There’re also some lights that have built-in music players.
Then maybe when you put in at the dining place, that’s the same as how restaurants can make a meal that cost $10 goes up to $100. Lol…

In the end, we brought a total of 22 LED lights, a few thousand dollars…


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