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I can make her naked and go to bed.

I think it’s amazing how guys words events.

Imagine a girl checked in a particular location on facebook, there’s this guy who saw she’s there alone then called her to meet her up for a moment. Then he can say that’s he’s dating her to other guys.

Imagine if a guy who met a girl after she bought her stuffs and was heading for tea break. And this guy appear for like 5minutes walking beside her said he was out shopping with her and they had a drink together.

Okay, enough of imagination, but ya, it’s amazing how guys can phrase things.

It’s somewhat like

Anyway, today I met up with my PG peeps.
It’s funny, I’m bad, I admit :D :D =D
I can’t stop laughing, I guess my face is red like just now.
The thought of it hahahahahax!

I miss JC’s life.

We had man’s talk. Lol…
The thought of what happened to people who so often criticize me just makes me smile =)

But I enjoy people criticizing me, that’s how I can improve right?

And guess what?
I went arcade at bukit batok after a long time and I saw Jazreel meeting her boyfriend, Singapore is so small 0.o


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