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I’m not gonna let anyone touch my nails anymore.

Yesterday, I went to sun plaza.

For the first time in my life, I made my own

Today, I went to star vista.
I spoke to a “waiter”. The way he spoke to me, I was like “WOW!” so I looked at him and he kept silent.
Then we talked again. Guess who? It’s my senior and it’s the second day of opening for his shop.
But I didn’t patronize it, maybe another time.
I was hungry for fish today :)

There’re many soap shops over there.
One particular one gave me two free soaps

In return, I was like the “nail model” for the first time someone touches my nails

It seem shiny, only let the person did on my right thumb so as to do a comparison with my left, I prefer my left more.

By the time I was at the MRT…
One word…
My thumb became burning hot and my thumb was swollen.

So what did that person do?

The person got a thing that’s like a sand paper and it just create friction to smoothen my nails to make it shiny.

I don’t see what’s the big deal and why girls want shiny nails?
With that, I’m not gonna let anyone touch my nails anymore.
First and the last >.<
Thanks God that at least they didn’t paint my nails or put chemicals or what.

It’s kinda glaring, like when I’m typing this, light shines into my eyes.

Why do girls wanna pay so much money, endure the pain just too look good?
Does it even look good? 0.o

Painful :S


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