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I wanna thank God for the past one year of safe driving.

I kinda hinted when I was learning driving.
But I get negative comments, not nasty but negative.
Comments like “female are bad drivers”
Or discouraging comments like “cannot pass on first attempt”
Or comments that doesn’t make me feel good like “drive auto, manual cannot pass”

I wanna say, I scored full marks for both basic theory and final theory in first attempt.
I was the first to exit in less than 3 minutes.

I also wanna say, I passed my traffic police in first attempt.
MANUAL not auto =)

After I passed, I received negative comments as well…
Like “it’s different driving on the road”
Or “wait till you go expressway or highway”

So far so good, for those who have sat in my car, they also gave negative comments =.=
Like “it must be me beside you that’s why you drive well, when you’re alone you don’t drive well because you’re scared right?”

Those who don’t even know how to drive also made comments.
“it’s harder to pass now”
My reply: “ask your instructors and get stats”
“it’s easy to pass nowadays”
My reply: “why you no license?”

I was so curious about so many things before I finally have mine.
To those people who told me to guess: =.=

There’re at least 5 cars from BMW to Mercedes to Ferrari to Jeep to MPV etc… with a particular car plate number.
Why make life difficult for myself and guess them?
I might as well know the owner and talk to them directly =.=
There’re also left-hand drives in Singapore, possible to own car plate with one number, some car plates even though 4 digits are also got through bidding.

So now, talk about my experiences… =)

Even though my parents drive, they didn’t teach me at all, people who went through driving with me will see how I was like “OMGosh, WOW!” when I was half-clutching. After I finished my feet work, it was like I’m a born driver and people start going back to my blood line LOL! Excuses =.=

During my actual test, I was caught in three particular situations.
First, I was fault because a first day with hazard like on, over turned when I was about to exit from my parking and it’s my fault for not checking for hazard.
Second, a woman dashed across in front of me.
Third, a woman dashes behind me when I was on slope.

Oh woman! Get a guy who drive so you don’t have to dash here and there (even though I don’t believe in depending on a man which is why I drive by myself.)

I didn’t feel good at all when I was learning.
Discriminated because I’m a girl, I’m young, I look younger than I am (fine, I look like a kid =.=) and whatever kinda reasons people can come up with =.=

So after I passed, people thought I drive auto.
Yet when they see the car, they don’t know how to drive :D :D =D
I enjoy it when I’m having “men’s talk” (ain't I’m as capable as a man? or more capable? :P)
If they can have their makeup talk, why can’t we have our automobile convo?
Then I’ll be together with guys who drive manual saying the guys who drive auto.
Basically, we understand things they won’t understand *wink*

One interesting thing is that after you drive a car, you won’t actually ride a bike.
At least that’s for my case because of my size, but I enjoy the wind on my face.
So gonna get a convertible!


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