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Friday, 4 January 2013

Chef Hui Hui: tofu shrimp soup

Today is my first time going ION orchard!!!

For the year 2013 lol…

Bought some containers to contain food: 爱心餐 :D
Love meal it means.
Of course, whatever I cook is out of my love.
Which dish of mine is inedible?
All of them are nice, not the best but at least above average.
But I’m lazy to upload them online XP

Hey, my food tasters include people such as chefs from top restaurants okay?

Gonna cook some tofu soup today.

Fruit juice after the meal.

Bought some rice as well.
Wow~ rice is not cheap. I buy per kg, simple reason; I don’t have the strength to carry.
Had some sushi as well, I need to eat as I buy and carry them, else my strength will deplete and I’ll faint >.<

Chicken cocktail, shrimps, minced meat, corn and msg.
Of course, not cooking all of them today.

This is the first time I’m buying msg as well, cause I’m gonna cook crab soon!!! =D

Not that I’ve never cook a crab before but I always forgot to take a pic, by the time I remember, there’ll just be crab shells left =.=

I used to cook using the seasonings from instant noodles, but ever since I’ve got a kitchen to myself now, I’ve never cooked instant noodles.
Hence, no seasonings and gotta buy msg.

It’s bad for health.
So, just gonna put half a cube for the taste :)

Today’s meal...

Followed by ingredients

Steaming the cocktail

A simple meal :)

Good enough for me.

How many people my age is cooking for their parents?