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I screamed and shouted and let it all out

Witnessed 4 car accidents on the first and second day.
I’ve never rode a bike since I’ve got my license, I think driving a car is safer.
But all four accidents are either car with car or car with bus.

Thank God that at least the people around me and I are safe.

This year’s CNY, almost everyone was present and more than five thousand dollars worth of fireworks were being spent.
As usual, I’ve failed to take the firework.
In fact, every year, I failed to take a single pic.
This year, I managed to, after almost all of them are gone lol…

My great-grandmother who gave birth to like 20 children excluding those she adopted during world war one and two, each of them having another around 10 children each and then the next generation is having around 5.
I think women in the past are simply…

Me being the eldest of all the other great-grandchildren being 21 this year, who has cousins that are a few months old and many yet to be born, everyone, probably including Singapore’s government is eyeing at my belly.
Why did time fly away so fast???

I’m like “in Singapore, having three generation is like a blessing, I’m having four right now and because I’m the eldest, I’m supposed to right now procreate the 5th?”

When my cousins saw me, those girls…
They claimed they’re gonna be the future hairstylists…
All I could do was to sit there…


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