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Lourve Interior Design

Guess what?
Yes, it’s renovation issues.
For the whole of this week, it’s tiring.
Neighbours are complaining.
Tuesday, people from HDB came down.

And a blame war started.

Neighbours blaming renovation.
Lourve Design blaming HDB.
HDB was quick to say that they did things wrongly during the renovation.

It’s like what kinda services Lourve Design is providing?
They claim to have done commercial works yet they can’t even handle Singapore’s smallest 3-room HDB?
And we paid like 50K CASH for it!
It’s not as if the things are made of diamonds or gold, we just want a decent place to live in yet they create such problems for us where neighbour come knocking at our door almost every day?

Their portfolio appears to be nice, but here I am as a current on-going case giving all my testimonials.
Just the second day of work, workers are missing.
Now it’s said that they actually gave cheap and low quality materials when doing work.
Most probably even rejected stuffs.
You know why I know?
Because every time they failed on something, I’ll have to pay again and get someone else to check!

No wonder their career is that they are always earning money and getting attention from media and event.

If I were to receive 50k to provide something lesser, wouldn’t I be rich?

People who came to look, no one said it should cost more than 15k.
They were like “this is of so low quality, you guys went for the $8,888 those kind of renovation is it?”
And when we said no, their replies are “10k is it? Can’t be more that 15k”

They are not even dedicated to providing our clients with innovative interior design ideas.
Even the most basic 3D design, did they provide any?

I totally regret choosing Lourve Design.

There was no project management and contacting the relevant authorities.
We were the ones who called the town councils and stuffs before proceeding with anything.

Thanks to them, we can no longer watch tv while waiting for the laundry to be washed by the washing machine.
We have to sit and wait and watch that the water doesn’t overflow and slowly pour them away.

Didn’t they think that they were very smart and that they should design as and how they like?
If I wasn’t persistent about them sealing up that one hole, can you imagine how much more problems there will be?
And they claim they are the specialist in interior design in Singapore?


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