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Bill of the smallest 3-room flat in SG ≈ $150 a month

Last year’s June, we went to HDB for all the proceedings etc.
It’s May now, how time flies, it’s a year!
And also a month since the letter of demand yet I’m still waiting…

Do you know there are pre-paid bills?
Yes there are. You can either top up online or like those coins telephones at the road side, you can open the meter box, insert your coins and there will be electricity in your house.

We cancel that and have our own post-paid meter instead.
In September, after all the processes, our bill starts officially in October last year.
But it’s not shown because a month means every second of it, but in the October’s bill, do you think they will charge you for September when you don’t even live there?

When the October bill came, they did charge for September and HDB automatically deducted a hundred buck of deposit.
Take a look at my bill and you’ll see it.
Well, we did use, so it’s right for us to pay.
Come on, HDB Loses $1 Billion a Year as citizens, we should know why right?
So are we allowed to look into their financial report?

How can HDB be called public housing when they’re earning a profit?
Can we have a government that cares for the people?
It’s a country, not a company…

Would you believe that someone is poor if she’s holding a kate spade bag with her right hand while a rich man’s arm with another?

I can show you the bank account of someone who lost 5 digits worth of money, entire savings just to educate people and find out the truth.
The 6.9 white paper…
How did the foreigners come here?
Where did they get those so-called qualifications?


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