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2014 Boundaries of altered polling districts

During February and March last year, I criticised the white paper and my blog was featured in various political websites.
I wrote about the loopholes in the white paper and the one on private education institutes on 15 march resulted in the letter of demand on 15 April.
When Singaporeans received letter of demand, it’s common to see apologies, posts being taken down, statements being retracted.
Who will stand up and protect the rights of Singaporeans?

Last year December, during the previous event that Empowering Singaporeans has conducted, I said there was only one Singaporean in my JC class, the rest were new citizens who converted after previous election, and the males did went through NS, some even got injured.
The class was not led by the Singaporean, it was led by a PR who has become a new citizen and that person is me.
Yeah, previously, we saw people waiting for new citizens to come out and state their views but look at what happened to me?

For me, I’m not going to wait for change to happen, I want to make changes now so that my children can grow up and see a Singapore where all Singaporeans will be united as one.
All Singaporeans, regardless of being born in Singapore or a foreign land.
We’re all holding the pink I/c, we can all vote, so why the discrimination?

I was surrounded by new citizens, civil, public servants, people who’ve signed bonds who are currently or formerly from the government.
I have been fighting lawsuits to expose the system since 2010 for four years, I’ve criticised policies on my blog but I didn’t help out in the opposition, until I received the letter of demand.
There are many people like me out there, new citizens who do not agree and are even against these policies.
The influx of us who’re gonna makeup 10% of the votes.

2014 Boundaries of altered polling districts is out too so will I get to vote?

Probably a walkover again?

Perhaps I shouldn’t have stood up for the rights of Singaporeans and should have taken what they offered me and join them instead?
Perhaps I shouldn’t have told the new citizens as well as current and former civil/public servants to believe in egalitarianism?
Perhaps I should just let Singapore continue in it’s state as how it has been for the past 5 decades?
Perhaps I should just let Singaporeans go ahead and chase a worthless piece of paper to end up jobless with them not knowing why?

So why did I migrate here in the first place?

You can be sure that if I were to fulfil their wish and get out of Singapore, they will say I’m making use of Singapore, two-faced huh?

Should I join them or should I continue to help the opposition as well as organise events to educate the general public and raise awareness?

Unreciprocated love.


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