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Stop increasing our S&CC

Good afternoon everyone.
Is Singapore an expensive place to live in?
60% of the Singaporeans out there think that Singapore is not an expensive place to live in.
They think housing is affordable, you can buy a house with just a family income of $1000.
They think that healthcare is affordable because $8 can get you a heart bypass.
They think that food and drink is affordable because $3 can get you a big meal with drink.
To them, their salary is like this: peanuts.

If housing is affordable, there won’t be more rental flats being built, there won’t be people living in one room flat, there won’t be people taking up 30-years of loan.
If healthcare is affordable, there won’t be people committing suicide, there won’t be people walking down the path of euthanasia to end their life.
If food-and-drink is affordable, people won’t be having three meals as one meal in their one room rental flat.
Is this the kind of Singapore that you want?
The 60% who voted for PAP, yes, it’s their fault.
But the 40% of us here, it’s also our fault, we did not educate them.
If we’ve told them, just another 40% more, we will get 80% of the votes.
Can Singaporeans wake up and help each other?

Today, we’re here because of the increase in S&CC.
First they increase the COE to $80K, for motorbike, it’s $4K.
Fine, we take public transport but they increase the public transport fare.
How many of you came to the public transport fare hike protest?
How many of them are coming to the S&CC?
Just the people here, what about the rest?
They accept it, they think they can only exercise their rights once every five years, is it true?
We don’t have our rights during this period of time?

Then what are we?
Even dogs in Switzerland have their animals’ rights.
They say animals are being tortured in Singapore, do you think they care about animals’ rights when humans don’t even have human’s rights in Singapore?
Why is protest limited to here?
Remember what they said about the CPF cut?
They said, the reason why there’s CPF cut is because nobody protest outside the parliament.
If there are 40% of us here, will we be protesting at Hong Lim Park?
Hong Lim Park can’t even accommodate so many people, we will need to go elsewhere.
We’ll need a place where our rights can be exercised, not just at this place.

The reason why we are coming here is because S&CC.
Last year it affected 7 town councils, this year it affected 8 more town councils.
That’s 15 town councils.
Is it all the town councils have increased? NO!
WP’s town council didn’t have increase, why is it that only PAP wards have increase in town council fee?
Why do we have to increase our fee when there is $142million of surplus?


As long as we’re living in a HDB flat, we’ve to pay for the increase in S&CC.
Unless we voted for the opposition, but how many of you did?
When they increase, the transport fare hike, did your transport minister help you say anything?
When they increase the S&CC, did your PAP MP that you voted for say anything?
Did the 60% say anything?
They think they’ve no rights, we’ve to tell them we Singaporeans have the rights.
We’ve the rights to come here, we’ve the rights to ask for a stop in the increase of S&CC.

Singaporeans, we’ve to unite together.
For the next election, we’ve to learn to vote wisely that this is not the Singapore that we want.
We do not want MP who doesn’t speak up for us, we do not want the PAP to be voted in because we do not want them to increase our S&CC without consulting us.

With that, I pass it to Roy for him to explain even further more.
Thank you.


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