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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

HDB & Healthcare how?

In other countries, retirement and housing funds are separated.
Which government will combine the citizens’ retirement and housing funds together?
Is there any other government that does that?

If CPF monies is used to pay for housing, which many Singaporeans have indeed done so, where’s the retirement fund?
The house?
You mean to sell the house? Or to rent the house?

So after spending about 40 years of your life from 20 to 60 or 25 to 65, you’re not gonna have a house all to yourself which you can call home?
And is that even your house when it’s on a 99-year lease?
Some people say it can be extended, yeah and what’s the price to be paid?

Well, with the PAP in power as the government.
Those with money leads a good life.