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There’s no need to cry over spilt milk

After fighting lawsuit for four years, it finally came to a standstill last October.
Getting a break was not what I wanted, in fact, there’s an urgent need to do a lot of things.
Back then I was afraid of revealing my identity because criticising or even questioning the incumbent privately has cause not just me but the people around me to be scrutinised.

From the comments that were online, many people were living in denial. There’s a need to educate people in order to raise awareness about what’s going on. You can’t blame the milk that’s spilt for you should blame yourself for being the one who spilt the milk. Nonetheless, there’s no need to cry over spilt milk, it’s more important to clean up the mess instead.

People don’t admit to a lot of the trends and root cause of the negative trends that’s happening. If we don’t admit that there are problems and the root cause, how are we going to solve the problems? If you don’t admit that you’re ill then will you go to the doctor to be cured?

I was afraid initially, thus there was this mentality where I should simply write articles and people will read if they’re interested or else it’s too bad for them. When media came to me, I only send them if they promised not to reveal my identity. However, it was useless as things don’t get going.
Should we give up hope on people who refuse or didn’t even have the chance to read the articles?
Should we give up hope on people who are too poor to have internet connection or even a computer?

After consideration and realisation, it’s more important to come out and talk about all these so that as a society, we can grow. A group of us decided to come together to organise events to raise awareness. We decided that we should have an event once a month to educate the public, for that only goes down to 12 times a year. We wanted our events each to be in relation with the previous. Events have to be relevant to the latest news so that people can understand and see what exactly is going.

We wanted to get 10 people willing to step forward to give their names so that we can setup an NGO. It wasn’t an easy task and there are requirements to fulfil from the Registry of Societies. It wasn’t successful since we have to consider the fund and accounting as well.
Thankfully, we managed to proceed and we had our first event during November last year.

The aim was to have people to voice out and start talking about the problems in our society.
We need people to first discuss and talk about things, when people realise the trend and admit the problems, we can then proceed to come out with solutions.


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