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In Singapore, politics is a hush.

After the first event, we decided that we shouldn’t raise problems and criticise others if we can’t come up with solutions. We wanted to solve the problems in Singapore so we held a seminar where statistics were taken out and debates were conducted to suggest possible alternative policies.

The second event focus on education.

Singapore’s education system is one where Singaporeans get brainwashed and paper chase, it doesn’t encourage critical thinking and is elitist. With all the ongoing propaganda, what do you think will happen should the opposition field a candidate without degree for election? Remember how they made fun and look down on people’s O level result?
In other first world countries, especially in Europe, students are taught that policies are what affect their lives and how they should have active citizenry. In Singapore, politics is a hush.

We have graduate mother scheme and stop at two. Parents go for abortion should their children are not 100% healthy. Switzerland has a low abortion rate despite having the Swiss law changed in 2002 to allow abortion on request in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, a liberal approach accepted by 72 per cent of voters. But look at Singapore’s abortion rate:

In Switzerland, people are pro-life. There are many disabled people in Switzerland but do you think they are any slower than healthy people? No, for instance, if they do not have strong legs, they will use crutches to walk as fast as people who are able. On the other hand, in Singapore, you are encourage and you even get monetary benefit should you go for abortion especially when you are from the lower income group.

If Singapore can afford to give free scholarship to foreigners where 4 out of 5 scholarships not open to Singaporeans then why can’t we provide free education to all Singaporeans?
Instead of having focusing mainly on engineering, doctors and lawyers, why can’t we have diversity, recognise non-academic talents and prepare the population by training them to equip people with the right skill to enter the different industries?

In Singapore, you often hear people say “if you don’t study, then you shall be a cleaner/construction worker/rubbish collector”
In contrast, under the Swiss education system, they let you decide your path, encourage you and teach you how you can be effective and efficient in doing your job.

Do you know 3 out of 4 local lawyers leave practice in the first 10 years of practising?
In addition, more than half of the engineers in Singapore enters the financial industry due the opening of floodgate which depressed wages.
In other countries, investment is being made to encourage robotic surgeries which is cheaper but in Singapore, some people tell you a heart bypass cost $8.

Just imagine all the money given to foreigners for them to study in Singapore is used to provide free education from pre-school onwards and training more teachers for special needs students, wouldn’t it be more worthwhile to invest in our local people?


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