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It ain't so funny when the joke's on you.

History repeats itself.

Remember what the media wrote about the police interrogation
and about the protest
last year?

Apparently, they enjoy exploiting others to boost sales.
Did anyone came to speak to me? NO.

Back to what happened this week, I posted

The tuition grants for international students total about $210 million per year.

Almost all PRs and IS are in receipt of MOE’s Tuition Grant (TG) scheme, which provides for a lower tuition fee.

In addition, IS from the ASEAN countries are offered scholarships by MOE. Currently, some 35% of IS are recipients of some form of scholarship.

FOR SINGAPOREANS On average, about 14% of our undergraduates and 30% of our postgraduates in NUS and NTU in 2001-2005 were on scholarships. About one-third of the undergraduate scholars were local students. One quarter of the postgraduate scholars were local students.

Currently, about 25% of the scholars holding university-sponsored postgraduate scholarships are local students.


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