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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Does LHL = LKY = PAP = SG?

LHL is LKY son.
But does it means they are the same?
No, it doesn't.

LKY is one of the many founders of PAP and do not forget about Lim Chin Siong who won a seat in parliament at the youthful age of 22 as well.
Does the founder of a political party equate to the political party?
If that's the case then since LKY has been cremated by LHL, does it mean PAP has become a dormant party or ceased to exist?

PAP is the incumbent of Singapore.
Does the government of one's country mean the country?
If that's the case then protest against the government will be illegal since it will mean going against the country?
Oh wait, protest is indeed illegal for me.
Does it mean that we can't change an incompetent incumbent government for a better government with people who care for our future rather for profits and money?

So LHL is not LKY, the child and the parent are two different people.
LKY is not PAP, the founder of the political party is a human while a political party doesn't even breathe.
PAP is not Singapore, once we #VoteOutPAP they can't even have the power to come out with anymore malicious policies to make us dry.

Do vote wisely to protect our future.