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Why don’t they give us our transcript so that we can have a fair trial?

Today is 9 Dec 2015.

Initially, one month later on 9 Jan 2016 will be a special day for me.
I’ve even created an event page here:

That was because I thought that the court trial will be over by then.
Due to the efficiency of Singapore’s system, the trial will continue for another three days from 24 Feb 2016 to 26 Feb 2016.

About two months have passed, more than eight weeks and they do not want to give us our transcript despite already collected money from us.
Each page of transcript cost SGD$0.50.
Do you think people who are poor can have access to justice?

Time is running out for us.
Without the transcript, we won’t be able to prepare for the additional 3 days trial from 24 to 26 February 2016.

Is there justice?
Is this a fair trial?

Why are we not given the court’s transcript to prepare for our defence?
With the delay and not being given our transcript, how can we have a fair trial when we do not have adequate time to prepare for our defence?

Is there basic human rights to a fair trial and legal aid?
Not only that, I can’t do anything in public since 27 Sep 2014 because they have taken away my rights to freedom of assembly and freedom of speech by banning me from giving public speeches even at Hong Lim Park.

Isn’t it bad enough that the government inflates the prices of HDB flats by charging about 60% of the price of new HDB flats to land cost?
We are being forced to set aside up to 10.5% of our pension fund for medical expenses and the government keeps as high as 3% of the annualised returns derived from the investment of our CPF funds to themselves.

Why can’t we protest against the CPF system?
Why must the government take away our rights to freedom of assembly?
Why don’t they give us our transcript so that we can have a fair trial?


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