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Singapore #ReturnOurCPF court trial transcript | 新加坡 #还我们公积金 庭审转录

Dear all,

A big thank you to all who have been sharing what happened to our current court case since 2014.
We have been posting what conspired during the trial in 2015 here:

Dear all, We had 4-days of trial on 13, 14, 15 and 16 Oct 2015. From 9 in the morning to 6 plus in the evening every single day. Many things were being said. We were told that we have to hurry to ask our questions within half an hour or it will be “just too bad” for us. The witnesses said many things that were useful as our defence. When we asked if we could have the court transcript, we were told that we will be able to get it after the 4-days of trial is over. We paid $15 for the application and were told that it will cost an additional $0.50 per page when the transcript is ready. We need the transcript in order to help us with our defence since we were to hurry and not allowed to write noted during the four days. Today, the court emailed and said "application for the court records is not approved by the Court”. Is there access to justice? Where is our basic human rights when we are being denied of our transcript in court? You may give a dollar to POSB Savings 279-12328-0 for the cost of filing and application. Please share this message on how democracy and human rights are being violated in Singapore.
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The transcript is filled with dashes (see below).
But this is the first time that Singapore’s court actually rejected an application for a transcript and then subsequently decided to give us our transcript now.

Meanwhile, this is also an appeal for legal assistance for our court trial as none of us is legally trained.
6 Singaporeans, including myself, were charged on 27 Oct 2014 for protesting for labor rights, transparency and accountability towards our pension fund on 27 Sep 2014.
We do not have any lawyer representing us after our former lawyer got his license suspended.

We had a 4-days trial from 13 to 16 Oct 2015, three out of six could no longer take the pressure and decided to plead guilty.
As of the current situation, two fellow Singaporeans Ivan (age 61) and Janet (age 56) are both charged for public nuisance together with me.
The charged for public nuisance will amount us to a fine of SGD$1,000 or a jail term decided by the judge if convicted.

Myself is also facing an additional charge of being the organizer which will see me being fined up to SGD$5,000, totaling up to SGD$6,000.
A fine of SGD$2,000 or above will also see me being disqualified from standing for election, which infringes my rights to parliamentary participation.

We will all be facing an additional 3-days trial from 24 to 26 Feb 2016.
Ever since our events in 2014, Singaporeans no longer dare organize themselves and have public assembly of the scale we used to have.
Even the so-called alternative media are practicing self-censorship and suppressing reports instead of fighting for the rights to freedom of speech.

If we lose this case, people will no longer speak up and fight for our fundamental human rights of free speech or public assembly.
This is especially so after the recent election and no one organize any public gathering the size like that of 27 Sep 2014.

In addition, our basic human rights to freedom of speech and assembly are being taken away from us since 27 Sep 2014 as the government banned us from speaking or protesting at Hong Lim Park which is the only venue where Singaporeans can protest or speak:

The evidence that the four Deputy Public Prosecutors presented in court are unavailable.
[Video evidence:
Videographer's account:]

This trial is extremely unfair to us as not just because we do not have any legal representation or legal aid, but also because the witnesses and evidences were made known to us right on the spot.
There is no way we could prepare for the trial and defend ourselves in court.

Please help us by sharing and raising awareness on these human rights infringement in Singapore, let me know if you know of anyone who could help us with our written submission after our trial in Feb 2016.
Thank you.

Han Hui Hui

1st witness:
Lim Tuan Ngee, YMCA videographer

2nd witness:
Regina Ann Siew Kian, mother of 27 years old son, Benjamin who was performing on the YMCA’s stage

3rd witness:
Karen Lee Nui Li Noira, mother of teenage daughter, Grace who was performing on the YMCA’s stage

4th witness:
Liew Siew Ling, sis-in-law of 43 years old woman, who was performing on the YMCA’s stage

5th witness:
Ariffin Iskandar Sha Bin Ali Akbar

6th witness:
Cindy Tan Chai Hong, mother of 22 years old daughter, Koh Yi Le who was performing on the YMCA’s stage

7th witness:
Samantha Seah May Ann, YMCA personnel

8th witness:
Victor Poh, YMCA personnel

9th witness:
Abraham Ho Bang He, YMCA personnel

10th witness:
Tia Quah Siew Jian, YMCA personnel

11th witness:
Sim Bee Lan, Nparks personnel

12th witness:
Chia Seng Jiang, Nparks personnel

13th witness:
Chionh Chun Meng Eric, police officer


KellyChen said…
Nothing by these people who can offer SOLID evidence that the special needs kids at YMCA were traumatised.

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