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Breastfeeding in Singapore in public without covering?

Breastfeeding support group?
NONE, unless you’re going to pay for membership.
Lactation consultant to help?
NONE, unless you’re going to pay for consultation.

In 2019, Singapore is considered with a country with no press freedom ranking at 151:
However, most Singaporeans are brainwashed by the government to believe that the media is fair and never wrong.

So on 7 Oct 2019, I quoted that in Singapore:
"Close to half - 49 per cent - said they fed their babies a mix of breast milk and formula milk, while 45 per cent said they fed their babies only breast milk and water. The remaining 6 per cent did not breastfeed."

Instead of talking about how parents do not have enough support for breastfeeding in Singapore, despite the government signing the UN human rights treaties on women and children...
The comments were filled with hatred because Singaporeans dare not criticize how illogical the government propaganda is.

Other articles include:
"Rise in major breakdowns but MRT gets more reliable"

Of course, it's easier to say that I shouldn't link parenthood to government policies.
But is it not true that the current government policies has worsened the parenthood situation in Singapore?

On 8 Oct 2019, I was at Woodlands public library when six mothers came up and told me that they saw my posting and read those comments.
The mob mentality was why they dare not breastfeed in public because they were scolded by people for breastfeeding in public.
The mother who gave me the strongest impression was one who was above 35 and breastfeeding her first child who was born this year.
She shared that her age caused her to be tired after breastfeeding but she can’t share it with anyone else because people expect her to be happy that she can breastfeed.
I shared that I made that posting because I believe I’m not the odd one out, and I think mothers who can breastfeed via latching should be allowed to find out if there are other alternatives too?

Just because the mother can breastfeed means she is not allowed to ask questions about other alternatives?
Just because the mother has successful latching with the baby means she can’t ask about pacifiers as she must be there to nurse the child throughout?
Just because the mother is able to hand express her milk into a cup means she shouldn’t talk about how breastfeeding equipment are being taxed or how expensive milk storing is?

Why is Singapore having a low birth rate?
Why are mothers pressured to return to work?
Will it be better if one parent can stay at home to take care of the child to help prevent suicides in children?

On 9 Oct 2019, I was at Yishun public library where I met four mothers.
They told me about the difficulties with prams, they shared that there is often a long queue at Yishun station and people who aren’t handicap yet refuse to take the escalator but use the lifts and caused them to wait for as long as 20 minutes just to go up or down one level.
The mother who gave me the strongest impression was one who has three kids, she shared about how hard it is to bring children out and she has encountered people walking up to her to tell her to use condoms when her child was making noise in public.
She said that having to handle three kids is tiring enough and the pram is a necessity, but it’s expensive because they are spoilt easily, especially when people knock on the wheels.
I shared that necessities are not taxed in other countries, because they have wealth tax instead but Singapore is a tax haven for the rich so the comments are made by people with no sympathy for the lower income families.

Goods and Services Tax (GST) was implemented with the propaganda of helping the poor.
Did the rich people in Singapore think about how the lower have to pay for their daily necessities with GST when other countries don’t tax necessities?
Did the rich people in Singapore think about how the lower struggle with necessities like prams, formula milk, feeding equipment, diapers, baby’s needs?
The fact is:
Those in the bottom 20 percent income group has annual expenses exceeding their income.
So does GST helps the poor or is it a tax on the poor?

On 10 Oct 2019, I was at Serangoon public library where I met seven mothers, three of them were neighbours with each other.
They were stay-at-home-mothers (SAHM) who were sharing about how they sometimes miss their lives before staying at home to look after their children.
The mother who gave me the strongest impression was one who couldn’t breastfeed but still a SAHM, she has a husband and she shared about how her single mother friends told her to go back to work since she doesn’t have milk so she should work to buy formula milk for her child instead of using her husband’s money.
She said that she has stopped keeping close contact with those friends, however, she still feels guilty whenever she has to use her husband’s money to buy formula milk to feed her child.
I shared that I know of single mothers who use formula but are extremely encouraging and instead of being salty to mothers who have a husband, they understand that maintaining a relationship is hard too, so they told me about how they would have done things differently in order to keep their family together before it’s too late.

Did anyone think of mothers who can breastfeed but actually wants to use formula because breastfeeding is tiring but they can’t afford to use formula or buy breast pumps and milk bottles?
Did anyone think of mothers who stay at home but feels guilty lowering their family’s standard of living because they have a higher earning power yet chose to spend time with their children?
Did anyone think of mothers who were pressured to return to work when the family can afford it but ended up the mothers become depressed after her children got bullied at the childcare?

I have met mothers like the above.

I also met another mother who used to have breastmilk but was pressured to feed the baby formula, she latched and people commented that she isn’t feeding enough because her baby looks small.
In the end, her baby didn’t feed due to being allergic to cow’s milk, her milk supply was gone because people told her to use cabbage leaves, and her baby has to drink goat’s milk, which was more expensive.

Before my pregnancy, we saved up for cesarean, because accounts commented online that my body is too small to give birth naturally.
Before giving birth, we saved up for formula, because accounts commented online that being severely underweight means inability to produce breast milk.
Apparently, there are also accounts that claim there are mothers who breastfeed together without covers in public, yet until today, there is not a single example being given about where in Singapore do mothers gather to do that?

Please let me know where to find mothers who breastfeed in public without covers so that I can witness for myself how do they deal with strangers who make comments, it’s easy to spam comments online, but where can we find such mothers who do that in Singapore?
Please let me know where to find mothers who are weaning their children so that I can see how they handle their children and learn how to make the weaning process a happy one for children?

Anyway, I am unable to leave Singapore because the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) didn’t give my child and I our passports until today, so we are stuck in Singapore.
It’s a fact that I’m a Singaporean and I’m also the ONLY Singaporeans who is unable to go to Malaysia because the Singapore government demanded the Malaysian immigration to deport me back to Singapore:

Please ask the Singapore government to give me my passport so that I can travel to Taiwan in Nov 2019 and Malaysia in Dec 2019 to share about my book #YearningForJustice (:

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