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Decomposed lower body found in Bedok Reservoir

Today, not long ago, there’s news that goes

Now I’m wondering if the government is gonna demolish the whole reservoir and build a new one.
I’ve got reason for this thought.
As you can see below,

Sometime this year, one whole dead body was found in a water tank and the government removed the whole tank for the sake of the people.
According to the reporter, this time round, only half a body is found.

Let me divert a bit,
What’s worse than finding a worm in your apple?
The answer: finding half a worm, because it will mean that you most likely have ate the other half.

Now back to the topic.
What’s worse than finding a dead body in your source of water?

Now back to the main question,
Will the government demolish the whole reservoir and build a new one?

Anyway, IT illiteracy has caused me to lose my blog and people are now sorta like talking about my verses, poems etc…

It’s sad how lives and my blog are gone like this…


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