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Beware of spending too much time on matters of too little importance.

The above have showed what happened for my day =) one word – NICE!

Even though I’ve been sleeping at 4am and waking up at 7am, having only three hours of sleep but yes, life’s good =D

By the way, it’s my first time doing this check-in and stuffs, one word – bad.
For the simple reason, that people will stalk you.
If you insist on this application, check-in when you’re about to leave.
It freaked me out when I step out and saw people.
I’m not being rude but if I’m outside and even if my bf was to walk past me, I won’t call out to her.
I don’t call out to people.
No offence.

So we went around in search of cab. Actually, it was my fault, because I was like “the queue is so long” and complaining here and there, I mean… you know… but my level of patience and tolerance have improved compared to in the past =.=
In the end, I did wait for the cab, took around ten minutes. I was like looking at the couples around me. And I telling my friend, do you know I don’t curse people or want people to break or anything negative to others and I don’t even get jealous at all? Because people told me before: to make long story short – such people removes my competitors if you get what I mean ;)
I was kinda bad, cause it was late and girls with makeup are like their makeup are melting. My friend said that I was bad then I was like I’m self-entertaining =P
But to be honest, they really put in a lot of effort to please the guys. I doubt I’ll ever do so. I mean, in life, shouldn’t it be: take me as I am or watch me as I go? But I don’t go, people go, so not my fault. lol…
I mean, I’ll choose to be loved than to love, that’s for sure.

In one of my previous entries I’ve stated that my work will probably settle down in 2016. So, if one insists, probably I’ll get to know guys in 2016 then stead in 2017, ROM in 2018, marry in 2019, have my first child in 2020 and the second in 2022. Of course, if I were to get married, I hope to get twins. I’ve even planned got their names. Since I represent “H”, then I would hope that they are better than me, maybe the letter “G”. The elder boy will be called Gabriel the second boy will be called Gideon. If it happens to be a boy and a girl then it’ll be Gabriel and Gabriella. If both happens to be girls then name them Gabriella and Gideona. See!!! Hahax…
Just a dream lol…

I’ve always look upon guys as just guys, not beyond friendship, I only get to know it in December 2006. After which, I lived in such life till last year, 2010 November. A total of four years, like throughout my secondary school life? A period of something like that, there’s nothing so very special. That’s why now I’m back to how I used to be, wanna focus on my studies first :)

Yes, this is a very special month, been receiving messages, marketing gimmicks, lol… kinda and very tempting, I’m now wondering, perhaps I should change like 10% first? hahax… I’m tempted, duh! Lol… I mean, I’ll be charity work as well right? Moreover, my stuffs are so well taken care of, as good as new!

Looking back, family has always been my first priority; I only have my parents and my brother right? In the year 2007 that was me being naïve, in the year 2008 I went overboard, though no one blame me, if I could turn back time, I will wanna be with my family. Which after that, it was, and so will it continue to be :)


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