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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Chasing and courting

Let me tell you a conversation, pure randomness, disclaimer: any coincidence is mere coincidence =)
Girl: what you want?
Guy: there are many guys chasing you huh?
Girl: where got?
Inside girl’s head: I turn my head to the east, I don’t see nobody by my side, I turn my head to the west, still nobody in sight.
Guy: got, so many!
Girl: be realistic, I’m a girl and only I chase guys because guys run faster than me.
Guy: fine, there are many guys courting you huh?
Girl: oh no, why court? As a business person, going to court is the last thing you will ever want, don’t you know going to court will spoil my reputation and my reputation is so very important to me!
Guy: you’re just trying to avoid my question…
Girl: no, I didn’t, is I answer you but you who did not answer me.
Guy: *speechless*

I saw this online and I think it’s pretty cool!