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Don’t ever get into a relationshi

Another one of my friends is getting married, the third one lol… it’s like every time the word marriage is said, what appears in my mind is

Nah, not according to google (however, if you insist on agreeing with it, I won’t disagree with you :) but for marriage, the future tense is divorce and those who didn’t divorce died before they could do so, like I always say… just look at the increase in divorce rates nowadays… and the number of people getting married is an odd number, don’t you find something is amiss?

I don’t think my friends who are married will see this or bother about it because they are busy with their kids, so it’s okay, HAHAHAX XP OMGosh! I’m so bad, hahax… but what I said are facts, try calling them and you’ll hear baby’s cries in the background.

If you get into a relationship, you will wanna get married and have kids.
If you’re not gonna have kids then why marry?
If you’re not gonna marry then why get into relationship?
Do you want to be disturbed by cries when you are asleep?
I’ve made things that seem complicated easy, don’t you think I’m amazing?
Hahax… just kidding.

But don’t you think it’s funny?

Once you get married, from a girl’s point of view, you will be dependent on your husband who will start throwing their weights around.

Don’t you wanna work for yourself so that you don’t have to face the attitudes of others?

Do it yourself!


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