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First meal at sunset way.

Today’s morning, the first thing that I did was to wash my clothes =.= the weather may not be as good as yesterday but I didn’t felt like getting down the bed as well, it’s like I was hugging my husband and the alarm went off =(

Woke up and someone texted me about Resort World Sentosa and I was like hmmm… then I remembered that time we (7stars, bf, happy and I) were selecting the places to sent happy off and that was one of the many that we chose because I said to go to somewhere that I’ve never been to but because of budget constrain, we went to marina barrage instead. One of the photos was posted as my profile picture on facebook yeah?

I saw this

Like how coincidental can it be…

I went sunset way for my dinner, ate this

Actually, the way they presented the food was nice, but I was hungry and so… you know…
Then I accidentally “banged” the table. And my friend was like “do you know how to eat?”
I was like “I only have three female friends, shu hui will suggest the food while I just choose, shi hui will help me carry my food while I just pay and siting will help me to cut the food while I just eat”
So apparently, I don’t really… you know…
BUT!!! I’m learning =.=

Somehow, I think guys are kinda obsessed with the transformer movie but I didn’t watch the first few, so it’s pointless for me to watch it. And it’s kinda irritating to see guy saying “are you jealous” and some tried to be creative I guess, asking “are you jealous or are you jealous” and inside your heart is always that standard line

Anyway, the atmosphere at sunset way is not bad :)


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