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Girls are as beautiful as flowers, but some flowers are more beautiful than the rest.

Okay, I edited it from “all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others” well, I was bored :X but back to my statement, just compare venus flytrap and rose yeah? Hahahax… it’s just what came to my mind when I was bored, no harm intended. Anyway, I was called an ugly duckling when I was in secondary school, so yup =)

Some girls like to 撒娇 a lot. If you do it to a guy, fine, it’s okay, he’s a guy so I can’t be bothered. But you do it to me?! I know I’m better than a guy because I’m the man, hahahahahax… but sadly, it doesn’t work on me =.= because I’m a girl myself. I’m both a man and a girl so I can be the man to protect the girl, woah~~ it rhymes, okay… that’s random. Hahax :P

It’s like when 7x, shu hui and I are talking about how kids showed their “puppy’s eyes” then 7x will be firm on them having to do the work while shu hui will let them off and I’ll do the same back to them, hahahax! In this way, they won’t do it to me again. Doing this to me is the same as how I’ll behave in public when people blocks my way, I’ll just go “excuse me” and with my voice, every single attention will be on you =)

It’s very simple to look like me: t-shirt, jeans, sport shoes and full stop, nothing else, no accessories etc. oh well, budget, HAHAHAX!

I was talking on the phone telling my friend that my husband smells nice and the conversation went like this
Friend: So what do you like to do?
Me: I like to hug my husband.
Friend: so you hug him but he doesn’t hug you back?
Me: *silent*
Friend: so it’s one sided huh?
Me: =.=
Friend: Isn’t this infatuation and not true love?
Me: *change topic*

Then we were talking about how girls 撒娇 in order to get what they want which leads me to think about when Jurong Point was created. It’s like the girls were like “oh, I must ask my bf to walk along this path and blah blah blah” which is also the same as when I was young, people said that I have to go through guys to get things and etc but now I'm getting what they claim that I need to get through guys when the fact is I get them by myself and it successfully shut their mouth up :)

So I was telling my friend about how I learn things myself that other girls depend on guys to do, e.g. playing some arcade games etc. and my friend was like “It’s not about winning or not but whether she can get a guy to play for her”. However, my point of view is that if I can do it by myself, and even though she is able to ask “her guy” to play it for her, they still lose to me. Anyway, that’s controversial so I’m not going to talk much about it.

The thing is if you can do it yourself then why do you have to depend on others?


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