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Looks devalues with time, humans should be contented and not stereotype.

We were told to do notes taking in college, first time in a lecture of 500 people, and our notes were like

It was so fast and when we try to re-write the things, it was like a decoding class.
Life was so simple back then. Studying, that’s it.

The person came up with this is kinda :S
Why is it that almost every single reason, there’s a good looking?
Are looks that important?
Looks devalues with time.
It’s true isn’t it?

People always say one deserve better.
What do they mean by one deserve better?
Can’t people just settle down and be contented with what they have?
You may deserve someone better, but that someone better may have someone better than you, agree?
Then the cycle repeats.

Some guys, I don’t know, perhaps the mindset are different.
I think they think that this is a joke and it’s funny.
I don’t know about that, but I do know that once a guy does this, in the future, whatever he’s gonna say or do, don’t take it to heart.
In the end, it’s the guy who became and joke and is indeed funny to me. LOL!
I mean, what is he trying to prove by saying that right?
If he knows someone better, simple, go ahead :)

I think this is nice.
Many people are like “we spend last Christmas together” or “we have such a romantic valentine’s day” and the list goes on.
People focus on a day.
That day which the society claim is right or special when it’s a marketing tool used to promote sales. Lol…
If I’m to be like a girl, lol… I would rather have someone who kiss me goodnight and brush my hair away to greet me good morning as I wake up EVERYDAY. And I mean EVERY lol…
What’s the use of having one pleasant day but the other 364days are like poo?


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