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My first trip to night safari.

I didn’t blog yesterday, I was out the whole day for the first time in my life, it was past 11pm and I was still outside, but I was home by midnight :)

It was last night

How it looks like on the front

It was a last minute outing, I mean my outings are normally like this, hahax…

A bunch of people doing firey performance

I went to the website and downloaded this map

The restaurants opens at 6pm, when I check-in on facebook, I’ve actually finished my meal, I was hungry!
At first, I wanted to eat at ulu ulu but it cost 50/person which from my point of view is if I were to add another ten bucks, I can have a meal of shark fins, hahax…
So I went to bongo burger to have dinner 6-6:30pm and that was the third time that I ate beef, just a small bite to try out the taste and we rested there from 6:30-7pm to conserve energy for the night.
As usual, ben & jerry’s as we watched the show, the two videos on youtube from 7-7:30pm
We wanted to watch creatures of the night show but it was full so we went along the yellow path from 7:30-8pm.

This is

And it jumped, or climbed? I don’t know but in the blink of my eyes

The next three pictures are pictures of the asian otter there were a few of them playing with each other.

It’s kinda dark there but clearly visible to human eyes

This is

And it’s child :)

I forgot what’s this

Then bats :|

My friend dragged my into the bats house, the bats are at least twice the size of my face and right in front of my face eating and peeing at the same time, that was so disgusting! But I didn’t scream cause I wasn’t afraid at all, I just walked out, it’s nothing :)

I forgot what are they but they are standing on a thin tree brunch.

This is

After that I saw this

And I was like business… and I saw more and I was like =.=

Porcupine! I actually ducked because the trailer of zookeeper went across my mind, I told my mum and she laughed, but my friend didn’t see it, I think. Hahax

More animals

Took a rest at Z’bar at 8:30pm then walked all the way back again

My drink, not bad :)

And yes, in the end, we managed to watch the creatures of the night show at 9:30pm \(^.^)/

The MC was like there’s animal that ran out and it likes to hide inside bags and I grabbed my bag and kinda screamed, I was trying to alert the people around me and not that I was afraid. Then he said the animal is small and cute and one (I don’t know what) hopped across, that was really small and cute, hahax… but the animal that came out was a snake, a big snake and four of them were carrying it. I was like “it’s part of the show” but they made it like as though it’s real. Imagine if I’ve got heart attack, and some visitors were like “I’m gonna leave here” hahax… so I’m not that bad after all :P
After which is the tram ride at ten plus and taxi stand at around eleven.
There were lots of mosquitos, maybe due to my sweetness, hahax… just kidding XD which I ended up hitting myself along the trip so that I won’t scratch them and at the end of the trip there wasn’t any marks, thankfully =)

You can definitely spend six good hours there, and there’s definitely a place whereby girls with makeup cant really survive, but the girl performing with fire was using purple makeup and my friend told me about organic makeup, that’s sounds interesting, I’ve never heard about it before.


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