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I will choose to be loved than to love.

Oh well, people fall. But the harder you fall, the higher you bounce. Especially people like me who follows the law of aerospace instead of gravity in this acpect, right?

I mean, guys in my life in the past till thus far, they come and go.

It’s true right? I dont get why people are talking behind my back like I’m rejecting people and these words came into my ears. Are they rumors or what? Why are people speaking like that? Who did I reject? I dont think I rejected anyone, they walk away by themselves. Apparently, these people are cowards who dont have the guts to say infront of me because no such things ever happen and there’s no example as evidence to back them up.

Anyway, I saw this

It reminds me of tron, NICE! :D
But of course, the idea of this is not :S


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#YearningForJustice : A mother's musings to her future child