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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Low crime doesn’t mean low crime and low crime may not mean low crime.

Just posted a status update on facebook.

I think that guy is creative.
Though I don’t go through what was mentioned, I believe there are people around me who do.

I went to see what other videos were there and one caught my attention.

It brings me to a recent news

Good, a fall in crime rate, maintain in phone scam but

An increase of 60? 60 or more or maybe it’s 600???

What makes you think polices won’t be lazy?
What makes you think they won’t threaten victims not to report?
What makes you think they won’t be corrupted?
Don’t you realise it’s always until many or lives are involved then actions will be taken?
Or maybe, they will hide them as well?

Try going to IMH one day.
One day, you’ll realise that many of the pretty girls lives are ruined because of such guys.
Sometimes, even if the girls dress themselves decently, guys will feel thrill as they rip off their clothes.

Worse than beast.