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First time looking into Ivy’s bag.

It was during break time, she was showing me things in her bag, and I was like WOW!
Inside her bag, there’s like another ten mini bags, but cute, hahax…

One of them was about cards, like my mini toons card, she has one too and there’s one membership card, for a shop that rents box at town area. I heard about it before during college when I said I wanna have a business and someone told me that JP has one.

I asked her if she’s renting a box, she said she’s buying products from there.

I’m pretty curious about it.

The soft toys and stuffs that I won from arcade, maybe I should sell them there.

I’ve quit arcade, and plenty of other games except for RC, I mean I’ve played it for so long, just gotta reach level 90 so that I’ll be contented, lol…

I’m very tempted to asked about the box thingy and maybe I can put all the prizes that I won there for sale.

Maybe I should make a trip down the shop at town soon.

HOPE, with capital H-O-P-E that I’ll have the motivation to make this works.
It sounds really exciting but you know…
It’s like I said I wanna exercise since 2009 july but as you can see…

Okay, I shall make a trip down on Saturday evening to take a look.

Now I seriously think I should rent a space and sell all the things that I won from the arcade away and I’ll have more spaces at home.


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