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Thursday, 1 September 2011

RC at level 70 \(^.^)/


Yes, I’m at level 70 now, 20 more to go and I’ll be at level 90 (^.^)

Went to imperial treasure but this time round, I did not order mango pudding, was too full >.<

Okay, it’s confirmed. I shall not go to sakae or crystal jade or jack’s place for the time being.

And ootoya, but got their loyalty card so hmmm...
But it’s just a free meal, so maybe I shall just skip it.

And orchard central, the food there is :/
The ootoya at clement mall is actually better than at OC.
But the products at OC are not bad.

I dislike red beans :X

But I like Mr. Bean. Lol...

A current addict to cookie dozer and coin dozer.
It all started out last year end :D

And I changed my bag and jeans.

Gotta gain weight!!!