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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Smurfs \(^.^)/

Went to watch

Today \(^.^)/
With my bf, 7stars, fren and fren’s bro.
One additional tickets for sis but she backed out last min and couldn’t find replacement in time, wasted :/

What did we did after that?
We went smurfing :D :D =D

Went to H&M opening today: crowded.

Anyway, passed by and saw the pricing, seems reasonable.

7stars: they are selling clothes
Me: ya, so tempting right?
7stars: no, I’m not tempted, is you who is tempted and trying to tempt me
Me: oh, what the smurfs man!

My bf and I were so bad, we actually prank 7stars.
Me: *saw 7stars*
Me: she’s coming
Bf: where?
Me: behind, shhh... she’s very blur, let’s look at the other side
Fren and fren’s bro: are you serious?
7stars: *walked passed*
Everyone: *laughing*
7stars: *turned around* wa lao! Why you all didn’t call me?
Me: see! I told you *wink*
7stars: HUI HUI! You are so bad!

It’s been a month since we last met, hahax...
And they forget my stickers :(
One day I shall seriously go to CCK and get them by myself.
Hahax... but I’m so lazy XD

And I gotta go there twice for it takes a week.
It’s like when I was in college, there was one such shop at JP.
It’s a order and get it on the spot.
Now I gotta go to CCK and wait for a week???
And oh, I’ve yet to been to NEX yet =D

Too lazy =P