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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Some girls should eat makeup so that they can be pretty on the inside.

Logged in my com after a day.
Saw this news on yahoo about a pub singer from Mainland China.

I mean, oh my smurfs!

I can’t believe there’re girls so materialistic.

Is she the one who is being arrogant that she’s like now choosing who she wanna get married with or what?

Is she the one who is short so she needs heels or what?

Is she the one who is ugly so needs makeup to cover all up or what?

Oh… so is outer and not inner beauty huh?

愚昧 及 肤浅

SMURFS!!! Can you believe it?
I actually typed in Chinese just to cater to her needs *wink*

Seriously, some girls, I mean some

Like ta-dang!

Maybe I can be a nutritionist huh?

Anyway, peace (^.^)V
Time to eat and sleep =)