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Think Big! 2011

Apple sued Sumsung in Germany and now Sumsung is suing Apple in Korea.


Went to this

I gotta say, the event is good.

You know…
I’ve never think of working for anyone before.
I’ve always think about being my own boss.
It’s only during JC then people starts saying like “oh, I wanna work for this” and “I wanna work for that”.
But it doesn’t cross my mind.

Some people whom we don’t know each other before with the simply complacent mindset, they goes “just get married with a rich guy and everything will be fine, why do you wanna find work for yourself?”

If I wanna lead this kinda of life.
I wouldn’t have made the decision I made two years back.
Simple as that.

Two years back, I wanna be someone in the management team who can create jobs to increase employment.
Now, I think I wanna start my own brand name.


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