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Hui Hui No. 7

Hello *wave* I’m back ^.^

Long time no blog!
Hahax… I haven’t been blogging for a long time, I’ve got lots to say but I was occupied with my international business assignment which brought me to lots of research and things to think about.

Oh course, not forgetting my restaurant city on facebook =P

Life was something like this but I sleep at 5am and wake up at 9am :/
Yeah, less than half of what is required but life’s like that for me :(

Anyway, it’s over, so…


People are like out of 100%, I’m only spending 1% on work while 99% on my RC.
It’s not my fault, it’s actually like this…

Now you get it?
I mean, how can things ever be my fault right?
Hahax… just kidding XD

My third friend just got married, enough of all these counting because right after I published that post on facebook, I saw that many people are gonna get married, I’m not so free to count. Lol

Then I realize that many of them just wanna get a “dragon baby”

It’s like babies are born because of guys, and guys can make a girl pregnant because of their nuts?
And nuts can make people nuts like

And imagine if that baby is a dragon? Lol…

Price of pampers: 70
Price of milk: 70
Price of baby trolley: 300
Price of baby food: 20
Hospital check up: hundreds to thousands
Risk of health problems,
Changing figure after pregnancy,
Stretch marks on body,
Pain during labour, and many many more
Lose of opportunities to work for a career.

Why go through the pain to find someone to spend your money when you don’t even have enough to spend it yourself already?
Imagine if you’re sleeping, and you hear baby crying…
Imagine if you prepare milk for someone EVERY FEW HOURS but the person didn’t finish…
Imagine cleaning up the poop of someone…
Imagine when the person started walking and go about destroying your things…
Imagine someone talking back to you…


Anyway, enough of such controversial topics =)

You know, I’m very lazy, but like I said, I’m honest about it which is why none of the H is hardworking XP

When I was a kid, all my works were done by my parents.
There was once where I got into an art competition; topic was to draw a dream house.
Yes, I know, many of you know about it.
I know that many people know already.
It’s like everyone drew something like a spaceship, bungalow, blue prints like their layout while I just drew a house like a square, a triangle on top, and a rectangular door. Green floor and blue sky.
After which, people commented and I added in two squares windows, two tress at the side.
And more comments which I finally added in some clouds and a few “three strokes birds”.

Ya, it practically looks like that, for those who seen the original one, yes, I still think this is my dream house.
Simple life.

However, at the age of ten, because of that KX’s incident, I start to have this “7-storey building”.
I wanna own a building and it’s gonna be 7-storey high.

After which, there was this period of guy inferiority like “what is Hui Hui thinking of?”
Well, if you know people who are rich, like real rich, this is nothing at all.

So I changed, then there were a lot of house that I said that I want which eventually, I said I wanna own a 4 room HDB flat.

But recently, I’m starting to think.
A 7-storey building is not impossible at all.

As I was doing my international business assignment, I choose 7-Eleven, mainly due to the amount of information available. I’ve already said, I’m lazy.

Somehow, it leads me to think about licensing, not me licensing someone’s product.
But what if I can come up with such product myself?

Then it leads me to think about F&B.
It seems to be an easy market but short-lived and large capital required, in Singapore, it’s about 2 years?
It’s easy because living things gotta eat but what make me think that people will patronize my outlet?

Then I think about tuition centre, childcare, student care in which I can combine both.

Someone actually suggested me writing assessment books so that I can fulfill my college’s ambition of being a writer.

Coco before chanel actually gave me lots of thoughts.
Well, the classic chanel no. 5.

What about me coming up with my own perfume?
It’s not impossible.
Since there’s a high end brand called Miu Miu, why cant there be one called Hui Hui?

It is actually possible to find out the amount of composition on what that contributed to that smell.
The only thing is that it is expensive to carry out the test.

It’s like that canon event, those guys there, they are chef, doctor, engineers themselves who created new product.
If this product is created by me originally, then it’s a novelty, isn’t it?

Then I’ll be able to attack the female market by perfumes, makeup, shoes, bags, clothes etc.

Anyway, don’t make fun of people.


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