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In Time

Can you give me a second?
How about a minute?
An hour? A day? A week? A year? A century?
Or allow me to be immortal?

There’s a saying that goes…
Time equals money, no?

Imagine a world where time equals to money…

Just like

Where a cup of coffee is 3 minutes and when the cost of living increases, it goes up to 4 minutes. Yet your pay does not increase but goes down (UNREASONABLY)… Where your job is being a part of manufacturing for big companies, where once people grows old up which is the age of 25, you have only a year left to live. Then time out and die. If you cannot handle that, you may jolly well commit suicide.

In the movie, people live according to their time zone and they pay huge amount to cross border, with time zone 8 as the “poor” people.

I don’t look at the price tag when I purchase something.
But one day, ivy and leo were complaing about the price for bread.
I was like, it’s just bread, how much can it cost?
When I was in college, it was about a dollar.
Now, it’s at least thrice as before.

I was shocked!

I do know that cost of living is increasing, like

But I didn’t know that basic things that human needs to survive like food are increasing so much.

To make the bad worse

So will that happen in the future?
Where the rich lives forever but the poor die young?

Is this more than coincidental or is there a hidden message behind?
Or is it already happening?
That millions of poor gotta die so that one can live for a million?

Bringing you into deep thoughts?
Of course! These are original words from me duh!

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock

Try this, go to youtube


Guys need a girl but girls don’t need a man *wink*


liangwei said…
Hmm, for the foxconn thingy, most people suicide is for the better of they family. The compensation given to 1st suicide victims is so much that people start to suicide. The saga stop when terry gou say that there no more compensation for suicide ppl... Basically the people there is just crazy over money!!!!

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