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Real man aint perfect, perfect man aint real.

Just like real girls aint perfect, perfect girls aint real :)

But nah, this is not a girls VS guys post.
This is about me clearing up my cupboards last night.

It seems like I’ve lost bits of my “talent” I do qualify for 格式工整 but no押韵 lol…

Anyway, back to the topic.
Negative and negative becomes positive.
Since I’m imperfect and I get another imperfect guy, we can be the perfect couple ^.^
Just saying.

Rewinding time, back in college, I used to write soooo many poems.
About two timing and focusing on relationship.

Guys can’t forget their first love, well, who can?
Under majority of the normal circumstances?

As usual, never say never.
Because I actually forgot the name of the first guy I dated until someone reminded me.
Basically, I don’t really find anything memorable or worth remembering.
Like I always say, I’m a floppy disk, not a hard disk, I don’t get hard and has got limited memories.
I wanna forget my past and live for my future.

So it goes back to me remembering those emo periods of my life.



I’ve met many cowards in my life.
Those on my profile who are mutual friends see that as well.
Taking photos of me, upload them but afraid of being questioned then bring them down again.
It’s easy dealing with such person, because I won’t even deal with them anymore :)

I mean photos are one of the best evidences, why are you afraid?

A picture is worth a thousand words, no?

Somehow, I feel that if one is someone’s first love, last love, the only love, that’s beyond amazing.
Let’s be statistic for this moment, less than 99.99% of the people in this world fall into this category.

Imagine if I’m someone’s first love, last love and the only love…
Someone who will put “our” photos online.
Someone who will bring me to his family and friends.

Somehow, what I feel is that…
It’s not about having candlelight to warm you up but having warmth in your heart even if it’s a simple meal.
It’s not about having present from someone but having the presence of someone who treats you like the only special one.
It’s not about forgetting the past, it’s about having someone there to face it with you and move on with you.
It’s not about the nightmares, it’s about having someone there to clam you down after the nightmares.
It’s about knowing the flaws but still love you and accept you as who you are.

This kinda guy is a catch to me.

Letting you ride a roller coaster but be beside you during the roller coaster but won’t let you ride an emotional roller coaster.

I wanted to post about those ice creams photos about the second discount voucher remember? That was last week, but I was lazy so here they are (:

Okay, I’m lazy to explain as well :P

Overall, it’s sinful XD

Since I no longer get anymore discount there, forget about it =D

Some guys say that I criticise guys because I wanna be like them, hang on.
Why would I wanna grow balls?

I mean

If you don’t get it, then too bad, don’t assume =.=

It’s like…

What I actually feels may be 99% different from what you think I feel, get it?


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