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Friends at Jelita cold storage.

Today, we were talking about retailers.
So the typical walmart, tesco etc came in.
Then I talked about cold storage.

Well, I just went there to buy my supper.

It’s steamed bun for today :D

Okay, it’s been a long time since I ate that but according to where I am now, that’s the nearest so yup =D

I went to town for my dinner.

The corn

The soup


My pasta

Here’s the receipt

After that, which is about an hour ago because I’m eating as well right now XP

I went to

Here’s what when you step in

You’ll get free drink of your choice but no chocolate :/

Here’s how the seafood looks like, as in the basin for washing your hands, cleaner than usual right?

Generally, this is how big it is, taking note that this is just a section.

Finally, females, this is your favourite department right?
I’m not sure cause I don’t buy such products.
Maybe not at the moment, wait till I’m older?

I still think that letting all my pimples and whatever heal naturally is better, beside, I’m more of lack of sleep???

Ivy said that I should start to learn how to behave like a girl.
Well, she’s a fan of many guys, she attend schools that teach her how to walk, makeup etc…
Then I’m like I don’t understand what are all these for lol…

She told me that, as a girl, everyday gotta MINIMUM put on moisturiser, sunblock, powder, bb cream and some other I forgot what before going out to protect the skin.
Nicki also added to eat some don’t know what collagen, gelatin, fish and also some other stuffs.
Then eat pills and watch programmes to look nice.

I really hand in to them, like not just the money but time spend!
Plus the skills and whatever required.

Now I gotta go continue my meal.
Food is important to me =D


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