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I don’t need 5Bs or 5Cs, just 3As and K!

People say that they want 5Cs, namely, car, condominium, credit cards, cash and career.

Some said that they would want to upgrade them to 5Bs.
Car to BMW
Condominium to bungalow
Credit cards to billionaire
Cash to bank
Career to boss

Personally, I think that’s too much.
For me, as long as there’s 3As then K :)

For the sake of my children, I will wanna have an Audi in case of emergency at night.
For the sake of my husband’s convenience, I will wanna have an American express so that he can conduct his business easily.
For the sake of my family, I will wanna have an Antila so that they can live comfortably.
For the sake of my country, as long as there’s a ring then I’ll get married, of course it’s Kohinoor.

See, I make life simple :) it’s not about me but others

I’ve got a typo in a post on fb.

Sorry about it!

Let me show you this photo

Found by Ivy. Cool?

Not reading the newspaper makes you uninformed
But reading the newspaper makes you ill-informed.
For me, I listen to the comments made by the people who’ve read the news.
I don’t read yeah? XP


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