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Once in a century

Today is a special day and the first day that I lost my cool since long.

I was talking online till like 2am after which I had my supper till 3am, rested for a while till 4am, listened to songs and finally went to sleep at 5am.

Guess what?

I received a call from someone I don’t know at 9am?!

Seriously, I only slept for four hours!
Is there something wrong with you or whatsoever that you have to wake me up???

I didn’t return call, I mean do I even talk on the phone in the first place?
There’s something called text messages, if it’s that important and you can’t reach me through call, you will have the common sense to text right?

Actually, I cant sleep because of this

I’ve been hearing rumors in my school, people are badmouthing me :(

My schoolmates are the ones who told me about it.
It feels so sad to study in such environment…

My school wants me to attend some kinda don’t know what graduation and it cost hundreds!!!
If my parents were to go, plus my brother, my relatives etc…
It goes up to thousands!!!
Even if I don’t go, they still wanna charge me :S

Not only that, you know what…
Today, I didn’t have lunch, someone who loves to eat but doesn’t have lunch today, you know how it feels like?
Even if I don’t love to eat…
Air, food and water are the three basic that human like me needs.

It’s because of the CEO of the school that I didn’t managed to have my lunch :(
I’m so scared that I’ll have gastric problem now :/

We were having a meeting to discuss about issues but

Okay, I’m far too direct about her being overweight but it’s a fact.
I was hungry at that time so all I think of was food :D
I was feeling so cold in the room, and hungry :(

Not only that, I wanted to speak but she keep cutting me off and said that I’ve got no respect?

Many issues were being raised up, but to me, I focus on the day to day, which is my lecture notes but she provide no solution to it…

So I’ve decided

And just as I was typing this, I receive this

OMGosh!!! Someone threatening me???
So they are gonna take legal actions against me for telling the truth?


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