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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Release of 2011 PSLE results

Today is the release of Primary School Leaving Examination results.

All the students who I know who took their results: the lowest of all was 229 :)

No one that I know score below that, and I feel really happy for them about it ^.^

The highest in the whole of Singapore is 283.

Well, what I wanna say is that all of you, who I know, can sure join my secondary school =)

For those who feels that you are not doing good, you did better than me.

For those who feels that you are doing good (and is proud), don’t be too complacent =.=

Overall, I’m happy for all of you and wish you children good luck in your selection of secondary school.

You guys made my day and made me forget about the negative stuffs that I’m having with my school =)