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School management wanted to negotiate but back out.

Today, I was told that the management would like to negotiate with us.

I was in fear. Remembering that day when they accosted me :/ the diarrhoea :(

I didn’t talk to them.
Neither did my parents.

I didn’t talk to them because I was afraid that they will ask me to remember things again. It’s like I’ve got bad memories, so I took photos of evidence and they are on my blog. Why ask me to remember when they can simply refer here?

My parents didn’t talk to them because my parents are uneducated yet they will speak in some kind of languages that my parents don’t totally understand.

So my parents decided to authorize someone educated to be the representative.

It went like this…

The school said that they do not want to negotiate on 16th November 2011, in front of the police.
However, now they claim to want to negotiate.

So fine, as people who are forgiving, we decided to give the school a chance for negotiation. It was a neutral location at CPE.
A guy, not sure who, sounds like loo said he’s not comfortable with it.
He insisted the negotiation to be held at mountbatten and mountbatten square.

The location was agreed upon.

So leaves were applied.

Right after the approval of the leaves, the school management called to back out, saying that they do not want to negotiate again.

OMGosh =(

It’s like leaves were being applied and approved and they cancelled just like that?
Do they treat this as a joke?
Do they treat us like dirt?
Do they care about others?
Do they think for people?
Do they know how it feels?

Anyway, this is not the first time something like this happened.
Something similar happened before when I was studying there.

Is this the way they are going to educate people to be like this???

Something amusing out of all these, when the school was collecting money, they didn’t call my parents and didn’t bother to entertain them. But when I do not want to pay the school money for something ridiculous, they call my parents?

So what is it that the school is really concerned with?


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