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A snowing love story.

There’s this girl, her blog was stumbled upon by a random guy.

He was looking for someone or something else but somehow, just came across her blog, her blog wasn’t like any other blog to him.
He’s like, I wanna get close to her, she may be someone special.

She’s like, who is he?
Is he real?
Or is he a pervert?
He’s older than me, is he a pedo?

Well, no harm being just online friends.

He grow fond of her.

But she’s still blogging about her and other guys.

He reads them but didn’t object.

It hurts him.

People says, hey, he’s one good guy for you.

She’s like, well, we are too different, the future is too bleak.
Beside, he didn’t propose to me.

He tried to date her out, but somehow, it’s hard to plan.

They have their own priorities.

One day, he finally made the way down to meet her, randomly.

They met, they got close, they were behaving like a couple, but they don’t admit to it.

He took photos with her because she wants it, the neoprints.

He gets his steady engineering job.
Though not earning much, they can pass by with that.

He was not like the jerks she ever dated.
She was badly hurt by guys before and gets demanding but he always give in to her.
They do argue, most of the time, the girl was unreasonable, but he still gives in because of love.

She likes to blog wordily while he summarises.

Sounds familiar?

Will history repeats itself? =)

Since I receive that threatening text on 11 November 2011, life’s something like this

People asking me what happened and why am I sad.
Imagine studying in a school where the management threatens you?

They practically scare the diarrhoea outta me!

I wanna go back but I doubt it’s safe for me anymore :/

Wanna say thanks for trying to help.
But the management is just too…

Anyway, you know what?
Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Steve jobs, Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg are one in a billion who has at least a billion, who’s number seven?

They are dropouts right?

That gives me hope =)

but i'm still having sleepless night because of this school incident :(


leonard said…
It's okay Hui2! : )
The better future is waiting for you! Hehe..

Hope we are still kept in touch!
I'm glad that I can see you again, even in cyber screen! : )

God bless you Hui2!

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