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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

No man is perfect.

After more than a month of waiting since November, CPE responded that the school will be mediating with us, it’ll be on the 6th of Jan.

It feels like

No one is perfect.
No man is perfect.

Prefect man aint real.
Real man aint perfect.
Just like
Perfect girls aint real.
Real girls aint perfect.

Like I always say. Lol…

Anyway, finally, after so long.

I’ll have to pay $128.40 for it.
Can you believe it?
Paying more money?
Not forgetting my medical bill of $60 as well.

CPE gave PEIs 4 years of EDUtrust but can I trust them now?
I’m paying the school money and I’ve to pay more money to CPE for the mediation yet they are not promising anything?

I’m already so poor, it’s a total of SGD$188.40!

I’m as good as bankrupt now, I’m gonna spread this to the media.
I must protect and stop people from becoming a bankrupt like me.