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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Second time: COT

I contacted many of the medias and many popular “pages” on facebook.
Last week I went to meet the people from theonlinecitizen.
I don’t understand how the school because of a blog post can make a nuisance about it, come on!
Look at what others posted:

And they want to sue me for defamation?
To sue someone for defamation, the person must have some kinda status.
I’m just a student. If it’s so easy to sue, when you don’t give the beggar money and the beggar scold you nasty stuffs, you’re gonna sue the beggar? Of what?

It’s not as if he’s just another normal student, he’s…

Anyway, last week I went to TOC, and this week I gave them all the evidences that they wanted.
But we’re not going to do anything yet. I’m persuaded by them to go for arbitration, because the best way to deal with such morally obscene and unethical people is to let them puke out the money they’ve taken, that will be like a slap right at their face.
So I think I’ll have no other alternative but to go for arbitration.

If things go well, according to me, it’s good.
Otherwise, they can be prepared to become the headline the next day.
I NEVER did anything wrong. I was honest while they lied and cheat.

They are the ones who came and do these to me, not as if I’m so free to do all these.
It’s a waste of my time, could have been put into better use.